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Water Issues Are Frequently Found, Including Dampness, Basement Leaks, Brick Pointing or Foundation Wall Cracks, Roof Leaks, Leaking Windows, Leaking Windows Lintels, and Leaking Windows Caulking. When you first learn of your issue, it could seem insignificant, but if you don’t act quickly enough, it could become dangerous. Your safety, that of your family, should not be jeopardized. Get a free quote by calling Ashcroft! All across Dublin, we perform home inspections and insurance-based home inspections.

The Various Waterproofing Methods

Applying a layer or coat to a surface to prevent the entry of water or moisture is known as waterproofing. A structure’s ceiling as well as its walls can both be waterproofed. The basement of the building, which is in direct touch with the ground, humid regions like the kitchen and toilet/bathroom, and the water tank are the places that call for the services of waterproofing contractors in Dublin. Additionally, places exposed to the weather, such as balconies, the roof, or terrace, would require waterproofing. If your home has a pool, then it adds another space that needs waterproofing.


Waterproofing Types

Our Dublin waterproofing contractors employ a variety of techniques.
The type of waterproofing to be utilized depends on a number of criteria, including the size and shape of the structure, the local climate, and the client’s budget. Here are a few examples of typical types:

Bituminous – A layer of pliable asphalt is applied, and when it solidifies, it becomes fully impermeable to water and moisture. Due to its dark color, it is also known as coal tar.

Grouting: In locations where moisture is less common, a waterproof glue is injected to waterproof the area. This sort of waterproofing is employed in a variety of constructions, including tunnels, basements, and brickwork.

Companies that offer waterproofing services in the Dublin, most frequently use cement-cementitious waterproofing. It is a semi-rigid or stiff type of waterproofing that is typically utilized inside, such as in bathrooms and restrooms.

Brick Bats – The greatest waterproofing company in Dublin also employs this technique, which involves soaking brick fragments before spreading them over brand-new cement mortar. These brick layers range in thickness from 70 to 150 millimeters.

Waterproofing Services of Various Types

For keeping a property totally leak- and damp-free, common waterproofing services include wall waterproofing, rood waterproofing, bathroom and water tank water proofing, as well as external structure of building. One of the top waterproofing contractors in the area, Ace Roofing & Guttering provides its customers with high-quality waterproofing support.

Our waterproofing is carried out using the best materials.
As one of the top waterproofing contractors at Dublin, the team at Ace Roofing & Guttering is without a doubt skilled in providing top-notch waterproofing protection for the task, whether it involves new or existing building. Along with expertise, the company, one of the top waterproofers in the area, uses the best building materials for waterproofing skylights, building, repairing, and sealing. It also uses the highest-quality grouts, anchors, coatings, sealants, and paints to create an outstanding sealant effect wherever the waterproofing service is applied.

Why Waterproofing?

Employing commercial waterproofing specialists in Dublin like Ashcroft has a variety of benefits. The main advantages are:

  • Enhancing the life of your property
  • Minimizing of recurring expense
  • Organic elimination of health hazards
  • Boosting the aesthetic value of property hence increasing the resale price of the said property

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